Last Warning '81 – demo cassette

(Er Is Hoop Tapes, 1981)

01. Intro MP3
02. Sinking Down MP3
03. Gun Solution MP3
04. Outside MP3
05. Another Life MP3
06. Careless MP3
07. F*ck The System MP3
08. Won't Give Up MP3
09. Happy World MP3
10. Still MP3
11. Do You? MP3
12. System X MP3
13. Volunteers MP3
14. Another Life MP3
15. Sinking Down MP3
16. Rule Your Own MP3
17. Don't Wanna Be Owned MP3
18. Something Wrong MP3
19. The Pope MP3
20. Someone Who Cares MP3
21. Don't Understand MP3
22. Careless MP3

Garagey punk with thrash and experimental overtones. The songs may be sloppy, distorted, and poorly-recorded, but Last Warning have plenty of spirit. I dislike some of their post-punk material, but this tape is worth a listen.

Jeff Bale (from Maximum Rock'n'Roll #6, May/June 1983)

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